Dazzle your senses with the most splendid starry sky in the world, where camping at your favorite spot through high-end technology will make you feel at home. Welcome to the 1000 star hotel!

Tour Details

  • Time:
    8h day 1 - 18h day 2
  • Maximum height:
  • Intensity:
  • Distance:
  • Includes:
    professional camping equipment, hot and cold drink, and lunch-box, welcome cocktail, gourmet food, gourmet breakfast.
  • Option:

All our tours include: 4x4 cars, trilingual certified guides, professional safety materials (radio, oxygen, etc.). The entrance fee to the parks are not included. Get more information here.

*Timetable and itinerary details are provided for information purpose and may vary according to the season or climate conditions.


We will spend the night outdoors in the middle of nature with absolute security and comfort through a high range in technology, highlighting that we have a chemical bath, comfortable beds, a vehicle with solar panel, gas stove, hot shower, bar, and heating.

We have the certification, the knowledge and all the necessary equipment to adjust to your budget and your ideas. From our classic format, with or without equipment rental, to our Premium option that allows you to sleep with maximum comfort, you can choose the option that best suits you.


We offer outdoor camping instruction for beginners, for companies looking to empower and strengthen the team spirit of their staff or for people who want to learn more during an inhospitable environment.

We can also add an outdoor night to all our available excursions, allowing you to combine several activities in one short trip: cultural visit, camping, hiking, biking, etc.

We highlight the following options for you:

Rainbow Valley

Venture into a night out, where you will have the chance to see the sunset over this imposing valley, followed by an unforgettable night. The next morning, you can take a walk in the surrounding area or continue with your guide on another excursion.

Monturaqui Crater

We arrived at Monturaqui Crater in the afternoon. You will have as much time as you want to look for meteorite fragments while we set up camp. Then you will enjoy your dinner and a good night's rest in a unique place. The next morning, we will stop for a swim in the famous natural pool of Peine (only in summer) or Tulan (in winter), with the salt flat as a backdrop. Afterwards we will enjoy a picnic before returning to San Pedro at 18:00 hrs.

Guatin Canyon

To make the most of this magnificent valley covered with ancient cactus, we walked to the Puritama Hot Springs. After a relaxing bath in these natural hot springs, we return by car or mountain bike to camp in the Guatín Canyon where we will serve you a barbecue. The next morning, you will be able to descend to San Pedro on a mountain bike, enjoying a morning full of joy

White Geyser

We arrive at Geyser Blanco at sunset to revive ourselves with a cocktail after visiting the Bofedales de Putana and Machuca. While our team sets up camp and installs the grill, you will be able to admire a spectacular sunset in total seclusion. The highlight of this site is the river that flows beyond the geyser. Your tent will be set up in front of the natural hot springs that you will enjoy exclusively, by candlelight, before going to sleep. Important: in summer the water could be too hot for the spa. Early in the morning, we visit the famous Tatio geysers before returning by car or mountain bike: five hours of enjoyment guaranteed together with good acclimatization, allowing you to access the different altitude tours that the desert will keep for you.


A sand dune in sandboard under the moonlight and the sound of music, relaxing among friends with a drink in hand and dancing before sleeping under the stars... A barbecue will be served and there will be a bar at your disposal, you just have to let yourself go.

Rio salado

The hike will begin on the banks of the San Pedro River, the largest river that feeds the Catarpe Valley. We will walk 3 km in the ravine, crossing the river at various points; feet in the water, until we reach the crossing of the San Pedro River with the Rio Grande. Our guide will be at your disposal to give you information about the fauna and flora along the way.

We will follow the Rio Grande for 1.15km accompanied by the sound of water and birds, where we will look for a place in the shade to enjoy our picnic and recharge our batteries. Then, we will cross the pampas for 2 km until we reach the Salado River, setting up our camp inside a ravine with massive walls and decorated with ancient petroglyphs.
At sunset, you will be offered an exquisite barbecue.

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