Este tour muy especial fue diseñado por Saturnino, el Presidente de la comunidad de Tara. Explorarás más allá del salar de Tara, hasta el volcán tripartito Zapaleri para descubrir la laguna roja de Atacama y paisajes parecidos al Sur de Lípez. Una aventura excepcional, donde te encontrarás frente a la inmensidad del desierto.


Tour Details

  • Time:
    6h00 - 18h30
  • Maximum height:
    4800 m
  • Intensity:
  • Includes:
    breakfast, lunch and snack
  • Option:

All our tours include: 4x4 cars, trilingual certified guides, professional safety materials (radio, oxygen, etc.). The entrance fee to the parks are not included. Get more information here.

*Timetable and itinerary details are provided for information purpose and may vary according to the season or climate conditions.

Tour itinerary

We will leave early, heading west, very close to the border with Argentina.

Our first stop will be in the pure desert, to admire the different rock formations and the vicuñas in their natural environment. There, we will settle down to enjoy a tasty breakfast, with fantastic views over the Tara salt flat.

Afterwards, we will approach the lagoon of the Salar de Tara. We will take a walk along the edge of the lagoon where we will be able to see flamingos.

Locaventuras'car on the road

panoramic views

We will continue in the direction of the Zapaleri volcano, shared between Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. We will meet a majestic obelisk, before seeing some stone cathedrals. There, protected from the wind and with panoramic views over the volcano and the river, we will discover the old family house of the president of the community of Tara.

We will make small trekking along the river before settling down for lunch. Our guide will explain the challenges of the communities and inform you about geology, the local fauna, and flora.

Red lagoon in the desert

Red Lagoon

Then, we will explore the desert until we come across the red lagoon of Atacama. The guide will explain to you the theories about the color of the water, while you walk around the lagoon.

Further on, we will go to a natural lookout point to appreciate the view over the canyon and the yellow river, depending on the season. Our guide will inform you about the flora inside the canyon, while we explore the surroundings

So what to bring?

  • 1-2 L of water
  • Coat / Windbreaker
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat

Don't you have trekking shoes, pants, a coat, gloves or other? Don't worry, we'll provide it at no extra cost. That's also the Locaventuras experience!

Need more info?

If you need more information, or want to know our alternative options, please write to Our team is also available to answer all your questions by phone at the (+56) 9 4407 0213 (Whatsapp also). Get in touch!


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