Ascent of Cerro Toco

Feel the magical power of Cerro Toco, "corner" in the Kunza language and enjoy exceptional views over Bolivia's green lagoon, the majestic Licancabur volcano and the mountain range. One of the most typical ascents in the region and the closest to San Pedro de Atacama, being only 60 kilometers away!

Tour Details

  • Time:
    8h00 - 15h00
  • Maximum height:
    5604 msnm
  • Intensity:
  • Slope:
    800 mts.
  • Duration:
    3 to 4 hours.
  • Includes:
    snack and, technical and/or thermal clothing if necessary.
  • Option:
    private or semiprivate

All our tours include: 4x4 cars, trilingual certified guides, professional safety materials (radio, oxygen, etc.). The entrance fee to the parks are not included. Get more information here.

*Timetable and itinerary details are provided for information purpose and may vary according to the season or climate conditions.

Tour itinerary

We will leave in a comfortable 4x4 vehicle from San Pedro de Atacama until we reach an old sugar mill, an hour and a half away by car.

Once in our starting point, at 5000 meters high, we will start the ascent that will last between 2-3 hours, which will take us to the top of the hill, at more than 5,604 meters high!

Panoramic Views

You will enjoy one of the most spectacular panoramic views, observing from the top the outstanding peaks of the volcanoes; Licancabur, Juriques and the Llullaillaco, among other peaks of the altiplano, as well as beautiful views over the Laguna Verde and the Laguna Blanca of Bolivia.

Our descent will last approximately one hour, and then we will take the vehicle that will take us back to San Pedro de Atacama.

So what to bring?

  • 1-2 L of water
  • Windbreak
  • Hiking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Canes
  • Hat

Don't you have trekking shoes, pants, a coat, gloves or other? Don't worry, we'll provide it at no extra cost. That's also the Locaventuras experience!

Need more info?

If you need more information, or want to know our alternative options, please write to Our team is also available to answer all your questions by phone at the (+56) 9 4407 0213 (Whatsapp also). Get in touch!

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